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Hi, my name is Mark Bickmore, and I’m the owner of: BurglarFreeZone.com

Mark Bickmore

There’s a good reason why I have put this site together. There has been an alarming increase in burglaries in and around my neighborhood these past 10 or so years. I know that this is not unique to me and my district either. Clearly, I took a keen interest in improving my own home security. Over the past few years I have become something of an expert on the subject, hence this site.

The number of burglaries nationwide is also on the rise. This is especially the case with small-scale opportunistic type break-ins. According to the Center for Problem-Oriented Policing, up to 50 percent of all burglaries go unreported. This means the stats and risks of break-ins are even higher than most of us realize. I have therefore decided to publish everything I know about burglary prevention. My hope is that you will also get to protect yourself and your loved ones better from this growing menace.

Valuables Aside

The loss of valuables and the inconvenience of replacing them is only part of the problem. The psychological trauma that people can suffer as a result of a burglary should never be underestimated. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to protect your property 100 percent. However, there are certain measures you can take to vastly reduce the risk of becoming a victim.

Home Security

It can be really difficult to know what the right security setup is for your home. There’s no shortage of options that’s for sure. There are also plenty of silver–tongued sales people willing to sell you anything just to make a quick buck. With all the choices out there, it can become overwhelming to say the least.

At BurglarFreeZone.com we look at all the aspects of securing different types of property. Here we cut through all the noise so that you don’t have to. You get to read my unbiased reviews on the best security equipment around, and my reasons for choosing it. There are also plenty of helpful tips on good common-sense security precautions and routines. These are simple measures we can all take to make our homes safer and more secure.

I hope you enjoy our informative and easy-to-understand articles. Think of this site as your personal home security guide. You are going to discover everything you need but without the fluff. This site will undoubtedly help you to make better informed decisions for securing your own property.

Remember to check back regularly. We update the site as soon as new equipment and technologies become available to consumers.

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Mark Bickmore


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