What Are Your Chances of Being Burgled

There are obviously people who fall into the high risk category, low risk and somewhere between the two. There are just so many variables it’s impossible to know your risk for sure. What we do know is that almost any home can fall victim to a burglary at any time. Even so, you can take certain steps to reduce the risks. I certainly did, especially after our second break-in. Statistically, homes that have few or no security precautions are open invitations for burglars. Poorly protected buildings are far more likely to experience a burglary than a home that has a few simple security measures in place.

In this video, an Arlington Heights Police Department officer discusses Residential Burglary Prevention.



Understand Your Risk

If you have never been the victim of a burglary, there’s a chance that you feel pretty confident that you never will. Complacency is never a good thing in these situations. We are all at risk. Some more so than others, but everyone is vulnerable to a degree. An FBI crime report suggests that one out of every 36 homes in the US will experience a break in each year. It’s not just the material loss that matters either. The psychological toll a burglary can have on its victims must never be underestimated. Indeed, burglaries can leave victims feeling violated, fearful, resentful and indecisive.

Invest in Home Security

Protecting your material possessions from burglars is not the most important thing. Safety of you and your loved ones is also at risk, and that should always be the key consideration when deciding how to best protect your property from intruders. There are in fact many considerations to think about. What’s right for you, for your protection and your property will be unique to you situation.

Address the following areas to reduce your chance of being burgled:

  • How secure are your outside doors and windows
  • How about the condition of your alarm systems if you have any?
  • What are your security habits, if any?
  • Who visits your home regularly other than neighbors, family and friends?
  • How to you store your valuables?
  • How publicized is your life and property (social media, deliveries, name on mailbox, etc)

These are just the basics for assessing your risks and should give you a good template on which to start building your security profile.



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