Neighborhood Watch (NW) Programs

Neighborliness is nothing like it was in granny’s day. Sometimes, people don’t even know the folks living next door to them. Well, neighborhood watch schemes (NW) put an end to all that. They bring local groups of people together as a force for good. Having a few security tools in your home security arsenal is always a good idea. Conversely, there is nothing quite like a community coming together for interests of all. In this case it’s the safety and security of their immediate locality. It’s comforting to know that others are looking out for your property when you’re not there.

Neighborhood Watch US Style

In this video, Executive Director of Crime Watch (Miami-Dade Citizens), Carmen Caldwell, explains what a Neighborhood Watch program is, and how it can be of benefit to local communities. Although neighborhood-watch schemes vary somewhat from place to place and country to country, the basic principles are the same.



NW schemes operate something like this:

  • Residents learn the principles of: deterrence, delay and of course detection
  • Community is organized on three levels: resident, block-captain and crime prevention

There are specific duties for residents and the block captains in a NW program. Most of these schemes operate on a similar footing, but they may vary slightly depending on the area and organizing officers. What we do know about a well-run NW scheme is that they act as very good crime reduction/prevention programs.  If you’re not currently a part of a neighborhood watch program, I urge you to at least contact your local crime prevention unit and hear them out.

Summing Up

A neighborhood watch scheme not only brings communities together. It also helps to build neighborhoods which are much stronger and a lot safer. NW is quite an old concept but don’t let that deter you. This is still one of the best and most effective burglary prevention programs there are.

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