How to Secure a Window from Burglars

If they can’t get in through the doors they will try the windows. Learning how to secure windows from burglars is not difficult, even though it’s something that many people neglect to do. Window security should be equal in priority to good door security. Like doors, burglars can prize open some windows or they can simply break the glass if the window has tough locks. You might be thinking that there is nothing you can do to prevent a break-in through a window, but you can. Or at least you can make things a lot tougher for the burglar trying to get into your property.

Security Film

Before we move on, you may want to watch this short video. The presenter, Brittany Bailey, demonstrates how security film can help to protect your windows. There are many other options too, which we’ll look at in a moment.



You might be thinking that security film is not all that effective because the burglar can still break the glass – eventually. The thing worth noting about burglars is that they want to be as inconspicuous as possible, and that means quiet and fast. Anything that you can do to make their job longer and more difficult is well worth consideration.

If you have doors with glass windows, you could consider swapping the breakable stuff for 6.4mm laminated glass, which is quite a bit stronger.[1]

Burglar Proof Your Windows – Quick Tips

Here are eight quick tips to think about if you need to burglar proof the windows around your home:

  1. Add extra security locks
  2. Replace the vulnerable windows with impact-resistant glass
  3. Install decorative grills to the windows
  4. Fit security floodlights to light up the window areas
  5. Plant thorny bushes or shrubs under ground floor windows
  6. Wire the security alarm system up to the windows
  7. Swap preinstalled window locks (if inadequate)
  8. Use frosted, tinted or reflective glass (stops burglars from peering in)

Final Note

Your window frames are as important as the glass and locks. If a burglar spots a weak frame, they can just lift the entire unit out and climb in through the aperture left in the wall.



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