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Welcome to Burglar Free Zone. This is the site for all law abiding citizens interested in protecting their loved ones, valuables and property. Here you will find a plethora of great articles, reviews and checklists covering all things related to improved home security.  Whether it’s monitoring, security installation, reinforcement techniques or burglar awareness, it’s all here. This site looks at effective ways on how to improve your existing security setup or options for upgrading it. We have done the research and separated the superior from the inferior so that you don’t have to.

Here’s what you will find on Burglar Free Zone:

  • Understanding the mindset of a burglar (crucial)
  • The different types of hardware and software solutions for your home
  • How to make the best informed decisions to secure your property within your budget
  • Tips and tricks on how to strengthen your existing doors, windows and outhouses
  • Effective burglar deterrents that will surprise you, e.g., dog alarms and garden plants
  • Up to date reviews on the latest technologies
  • How to guides and video tutorials
  • Much more besides…

What to Expect

Whatever questions you have we provide the answers. And if we don’t have the answer we will find it for you. The whole idea behind Burglar Free Zone is to leave no stone unturned when it comes to matters of home security. Bookmark this site and come back often so that you can keep up to date on all the issues.

Most homes are not as protected from intruders as people think they are. Read through our pages so that you can spot and fix any vulnerability in your own property. You will also learn of the importance of security routines. The “routine” is one area that many home owners neglect, especially those who have never experienced a break in before.

Summing Up

None of us should take the safety of our loved ones and the security of our homes lightly. Burglar Free Zone helps you to understand the security hardware you have in place along with ways to develop personal security practices. As you read through these pages you will become something of an expert. It won’t take long before you have an understanding on all things concerning windows, doors, locks, lighting, outdoor security cameras, indoor security cameras, alarm systems and the burglar mindset.

How to Secure Your Garden Shed

You need to know how to lock up your garden shed if you keep valuables in it. Garden shed security alarms are a good start, but there’s more.

How to Secure Your French Doors 4

Find out how to fortify your French doors. Enhance French door security with better glass, steel frames, tough locks, hinges, and stronger wood.

7 Ways to Secure Your Back Door

Side and back door security is crucial if you’re to protect your property from burglars. How secure are your doors, their locks and the door frames?

How to Secure Your Apartment Door

Learn how to secure your apartment door. Protecting your home must always begin with front door security. How secure is your door?

How to Secure Your Garage Doors

Garage doors can be the easiest point of entry for burglars. Some homes have a door from the garage into the house. Learn how to secure your garage doors.

How Secure Is Your Front Door?

How secure are your doors and in particular the front door? Learn how to burglar-proof your doors by improving the ones you already have.

How Burglars Break Into Houses

Burglars gain entry into houses by looking for easy opportunities. There are seven typical things they look for before they decide to break into a property.

Most Burglaries Occur in Daytime

Most break-ins occur in the daytime, especially during the summer month. Get into the burglar mindset and protect your home from intruders.