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We’ve already looked into the benefits of door closers in another article. In this piece we focus on the advantages of door openers for the home. When most of us think about automatic door openers we usually imagine the garage door opening as the car pulls into the driveway. These are useful, and we’ll look at those as well, but they’re not the only type of door opener for home use, as you’ll see shortly.

Q. What Is an Electric Door Opener?

The different types of door opener offer convenient living in some cases and essential living in others. For some people living with a disability, a door opener is an essential part of the general setup and layout of their house or apartment. As the name suggests, these devices open doors for people so that they don’t have to. They also close doors automatically once the person or vehicle has passed through.

Q. Why Use an Automated Door Opener?

The question could also be why use remote controls or an automated dishwasher as two more examples. In short, door openers, like other automated and semi-automated tools, make life easier. In some cases they add an additional layer of safety and security to a home too. Not having to get out of your vehicle to open the garage door late at night is one example. And for old, frail or disabled people, they allow them to move freely around the home with extra safety. This helps to create an environment that would not otherwise be possible if it wasn’t for automated door openers. It’s also possible to regulate the timing, the pressure and the speed as needed. For safety reasons, door openers disengage if something or someone detains the door for whatever reason.

Q. How Do Door Openers Work?

Home users operate door openers using a simple handheld remote control. Automated door openers for homes use valuable, innovative technology. Some of the best models provide three useful functions as standard, namely:

  1. Automatically opens doors
  2. Automatically closes doors
  3. Automatically locks closed doors

These functions give residents more control over privacy, security and mobility. For the tech-heads reading, you may be interested to know how your garage door openers work in a little more detail. Most types use remote radio transmitters. Newer garage door openers are actually radio receivers that function at 315 MHz’s. The remote control sends a signal (talks) to the door opener and then activates its relay which then starts the motor.

In case you’re wondering how much use you might get out of one of these devices, the average garage door in America opens and closes around 1,500 times a year. I don’t have any stats for inside doors. You will certainly want to think about the wear and tear issue when considering your options.[1]

Q. What’s the Best Place to Use Door Openers?

The ideal place to fit a home door opener is at the entrance doors. Sometimes this will only be the front door into a house or apartment. Other times it may include a side door or back entrance if those get used. Automated garage doors can add a valuable layer of convenience and security. Automated door openers in the actual home are only really necessary for those with a disability of some kind. This kind of “assistive technology” has no real role in the homes of fit and able-bodied people. Each case is unique, and only you will know what works best in your situation.

Q. When Should I Use Door Openers?

People with mobility issues use automated door openers when someone or something needs to come in or go out of their residence. Doors other than the main entrance may also benefit. The bedroom and bathroom might qualify if you need easy access and privacy in a shared house, for example. Pets can benefit too. An automated door opener can be useful at the rear door if you have a dog that needs to go in and out at different times of the day. Obviously you will find them useful to use when letting visitors into your home too. Garage doors are self-explanatory and need no further comment.

Q. Who Are Door Openers For?

Garage door openers are for anyone who wants to add a layer of convenience and safety to their home life. They’re especially useful when coming home late at night, in the dark. Residential automated door openers are for people with a handicap of some kind. They are ideally for folks who need help and extra safety living and moving in and around their homes.



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