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Ask yourself this simple question: How secure is my door or doors? Your answer should tell you whether or not it’s as good as it could be. We all think about front door security, but side and back door protection is also important. When burglars can’t get in via the front entrance, many will move on to the back of a property looking for other, easier ways to break in. And even a strong door isn’t much use when attached to a weak door frame. If you think your door(s) could use a little strengthening, you will find this page both useful and interesting.[1]

This piece is on the small, powerful escutcheon plates. This article answers some commonly asked questions about security escutcheon plates.

1. What Are Security Escutcheon Plates?

Let’s start by pointing out one very important fact. Most burglars know more about the security of a residence, or lack of, than the majority of occupants. And why wouldn’t they, it’s their job after all. They can spot vulnerabilities in your doors or windows that you may not even know exist. Sometimes, all they have to do to get in is remove a few screws. With a little more knowledge you can improve the security of your home by a lot, so please, keep reading.

Security escutcheon plates are one of the tools that can help you to protect your doors better.  These simple, sturdy, reliable plates add protection to the outer edges of the door’s cylinder. This in turn protects the door against commonly used methods of breaking in.

2. Why Use Escutcheon Plates?

Some door security fittings can spoil the appearance of an otherwise beautiful door. Other door types may not even have enough room for security fittings. If any of these situations apply to you, then the solution to your problem is to use the unobtrusive security escutcheon plates.

3. How Do Security Escutcheon Plates Work?

Security escutcheon plates are small security solutions that can make a big difference to your door security. They work by providing a kind of protective cover for keyholes and door cylinders. When fitted properly, they simply prevent an intruder from pulling the door’s bolt open. You can get decorative escutcheon plates in various colors so that they blend in with the door. There are options for both metal and wooden door types, and they come in rectangular, oval and round shapes.

4. Where Should You Use Escutcheon Plates?

Use door security escutcheon plates on any entrance doors into your home. For a house, this may include front, side and back doors that you want to make more burglar-resistant. Most plates work on all door types. Some doors don’t allow for certain security fittings, but you can fix a good solid escutcheon plate to just about any door that has locks. Also use them on nice looking doors that would look ugly with more visible, obtrusive security fittings.

5. When Should You Use Escutcheon Plates

Use door Escutcheons when it’s necessary to prevent someone from drilling or snapping your door lock cylinder. Even if you don’t live in a high risk neighborhood it’s still a good idea to use them. This is a sensible, affordable precaution that adds an additional layer of security to your home. Also use Escutcheons when you want to protect the door from damage and wear, the kind caused by keys scratching when they miss the keyhole.

6. Who Benefits Most from Security Escutcheon Plates?

Obviously people who live in areas with a high risk of burglaries will benefit most from door security escutcheon plates. Even if an intruder never darkens your doorstep, you still get a little more peace of mind knowing that you have escutcheon plates fitted. This alone is reason enough. The elderly and women living alone, or single moms, will also sleep easier at nights knowing they have securer doors.

Escutcheon plates are still a good idea for anyone though, not only the most vulnerable. None of us have 100% protection from experienced housebreakers, so the harder we can make their job, the better it is for our own safety and security. And finally, anyone who wants to add a little attraction to their doors, as well as extra security, will benefit from these decorative plates.



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2 thoughts on “6 Reasons Why Your Doors Need the Powerful Escutcheon Plates

  • Freeman Dryden

    Police will tell you that FRONT DOORS are rarely attacked simply because they are usually EXPOSED to view with perhaps the exception of apartment «front» entrances, or they’re so badly set-up they’re an open invitation to a 15-second defeat. Back and side doors are the ones which need STRONG protection because they provide time and privacy for the culprit to be successful in defeating what little security is usually in his way. I DO agree that «escutcheon plates» can provide slightly more attack resistance although the one shown in the article is purely decorative: 1. attached with 2 easy to remove screws; 2. BRASS which is soft and easy to cut/drill. Escutcheon Plates (in Northg America called GUARD PLATES) are used mainly to cover Rim Cylinders and are large enough to allow attachment by four hardened thru-bolts, covering all but the cylinder plug providing substantial protection against pulling and quality cylinders have anti-drill plugs.