Door Intercoms for Better Home Security

Door intercom

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The front door into your home is what separates you from the world outside. It’s the place where you make the decision whether to open the door or not, to let someone pass, or not. Front door security is paramount, and there’s a lot you can do to make your main entrance much more secure. In this piece we take a look into the benefits of installing and using residential door intercom systems.

Q. What Is a Door Intercom Exactly?

In short, it’s a communication system. The basic type is audio-only, and the more sophisticated models allow you to see as well as hear the person on your doorstep. These latter systems offer much better security than the standard peepholes. The typical place to fit a door intercom is near to the front entrance for obvious reasons. This is an added layer of security that gives more safety and peace of mind to the occupants.

Q. Why Bother with a Door Intercom?

It’s a sad fact that residential crime is a problem in most major towns and cities. No one likes the idea of turning their home into a fortress, and nor do you need to. But a few simple security measures can do a lot to protect you and your property from unwelcome callers.

A door intercom is an internal communication system that puts you out of view and at a safe distance from the unknown caller. In other words, it gives you total control at the door.

Q. How Does a Door Intercom Work?

A door intercom works in one of two ways:

  1. Audio only
  2. Audio/visual (recommended)

The most basic intercom system works using a simple two-way microphone so that you are able to hear and talk to the visitor. When someone rings your doorbell, the door intercom alerts you, probably by a signal at the wall mounted unit, or via a handset if you have one.  Either system has a talk button, microphone and of course a speaker. The more sophisticated communication systems will have all the above with the addition of a camera and viewfinder. This allows you to clearly see as well as speak to the person or people on your doorstep.

Q. Where’s the Best Place to Use a Door Intercom?

The main entrance into your home is the most obvious place to use a door intercom. These intercoms are typically for front door safety and security, and they do a fantastic job at that. However, two-way intercom systems can also work around the home in all kinds of situations. The bigger your home is, the more valuable they become. For example, you could have a setup in the kid’s bedroom and just give them a buzz or shout when it’s time for dinner. This alone saves having to run around the house every time you need to get the kid’s attention for something. They can also work as baby monitors. There are all kinds of places that may benefit from intercom systems more generally. Even outdoors in the garage or garden shed, if that’s where someone spends a lot of time.

Q. When Should You Use a Door Intercom?

The best and most logical time to use a door intercom is when you’re unsure who’s at the door. If you have an audio-only system and an opaque door, get into the habit of using it at all times.  If you have an audio visual system, and the caller is a stranger, get them to talk into the mic and state their business. Most important of all, don’t let your guard down just because someone looks smart, respectable or official. Confidence tricksters are masters of disguise. They often cheat their way into a property with the aim of stealing something or some information about the occupants. There’s no need to get paranoid though. The intercom is just a good, commonsense security precaution that becomes a healthy habit. Most of us intuitively know when it’s safe, or not, to open the door to a stranger. The door intercom simply means you can communicate at your entrance without having to open the door.

Q. Who Are the Best Candidates for Door Intercoms?

The elderly and people living alone, especially women and single moms, are the best candidates for door intercom systems. Still, these systems offer affordable, additional layer of security for anyone in any type of building. Therefore, I think it’s a wise move for us all to install them as a standard security measure. There are different systems to suit various homes, so be sure to check out your options. You choices are audio-only, audio-visual, and doorbell intercoms.[1]



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